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Refractometers are an indispensable test equipment used by winemakers and vineyard managers to determine fermentation level during the process of making alcohol. These are inexpensive and have a robust exterior made of rubber, metal and plastic to safeguard the polished glass, mirrors and prisms inside. The modus operandi of refractrometers is simple; the sample to be tested is placed below the daylight plate. The vineyard manager or winemaker can then have a visual of the percentage brix reading by looking through the monocular/eyepiece and scanning the scale that is seen when the Digital Refractometers is held up in natural light.

Salinity Refractometers, ERMA, Japan make:

  • Range:0-28%
  • Range:0:100%

Hand Refractometers Model D, for Urine, Serum/Protein, and ERMA ,Japan make Model:

  • Refractrometer for battery / Coolants, ERMA, Japan
  • GEM Refractrometer

Digital portable refractometer imported make Brix: 0-45% Refractive Index Range:

  • 1.3330 to 1.7000

Digital portable refractometer imported make Brix: 0-95% Refractive Index Range:

  • 1.4098 to 1.5318 Salinity: 0-30% U.S.A
  • Salinity meter digital (table model), 3½ digit LED display with salinity cell

Other accessories:

  • Digital specific gravity salinity meter temperature meter, model dsg -10 range: specific gravity: 1.000-1.030, salinity (ppt): 5 ppt to 40 ppt, temp: 0 c-100c
  • Digital salinity tds & temperature meter, model: hds 1024, imported make
  • Range: salinity: 0.00-5.00% salt, tds: 0-999 ppm mg/l , temperature: 0 c to 100 c
  • Sucrose solutions- standards for refractometer
  • Reference Sucrose Solution 10% or 20% or 30% of sugar
  • S/mill-e series- for salinity of sal water
  • Salinity Refractometer 0-100%
  • Salinity Refractometer ATC-S/Mill-E Range 0-100%.

Honey Refractometer:

  • The model no. HHR-2N with a range of12-30% is used to ascertain the percentage of water in honey.

Alcohol Refractometers:

  • Is ideal for checking the percentage to alcohol content

ABBE Refractometers:

  • Model NAR-1T Liquid range 1.3000 to 1.7000 with sugar scale 0-95% has been built in light fourth place by an approximation of 5c to 50C temperature
  • For high temperature samples ranging from 0 to 120 degree Celsius, Model NAR-2T is suitable